Hello and welcome to the Average Gaming Review Blog.
If you’re coming here via our YouTube, Twitter or Facebook, thank you for your support!

Quick “About Us”
We are a group of friends who dedicated the majority of our free time to playing our games.  We span across just about all types and genres including hardware.  From Nintendo DS to PC Gaming Rigs, we do it all.

A few years ago, Ryan and Clayton had done several attempts at jump starting a YouTube Gaming channel.  We were very young, no money to our name and little hardware to work with, but we had a great time none the less but could never lift off. After taking a break Ryan had decided to make his own channel, ThatsAverage, with a little bit better hardware and software.  The channel went semi popular for a small while and even made a partnership with Machinima.  However, being the only person working on the content, Ryan was quickly overwhelmed and was unable to produce as much as was needed to keep the community going.  So the channel was left alone and became inactive.

A few months ago, a small attempt was made to revive the “Average” name using the name AvgCast.  With all the proper social media pages made, this never left off due to everyone just being too busy, even tho there were 4 of us that still did not meet the demand that was needed.  So again, that was abandoned.

Flash forward to the present, we feel now we are ready to release the community and content we have wanted to for so long.  With Clayton teaming back up, and new friends met along the way, our current team sits at 8 members.  We hope to be successful in what we’re trying to achieve and that the “Thats Average” name becomes a recognized and respected name for all gamers and “nerd culture” goers alike.


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