2015 Summer Sales!

The time has come for one of the most wonderful things that can happen to gamers, the summer sales.  Right now, it would seem that GOG and Amazon have already started their sales.

GOG Summer Sales are kind of cool, they have a system in which when you spend a certain amount of money, you can earn free games!
$1 = Sim City 2000
$20 = S.T.A.L.K.E.R Clear Sky
$50 = Xenonauts
Its not great but its not terrible, if you plan on spending money here anyway then you get some free games, why not?
Be careful about using GOG if you’re off the USD, since the website is primarily on the Brittish Pound, you may not be getting the best bang for your buck, for Example the Witcher 3 wild hunt is set at £44.99 which makes it $68.79, however the deal with the game is that you get a bonus of $14.80 store credit which does even it out to be 10% off its original price of $59.99, making the game technically cost you $53.99.  So if you play your cards right you could snag the Witcher 3 and a few other games for an extra $14 and earn yourself all 3 games.  So from a numbers stand point, it all adds up IF you’re planning on buying multiple games.  GOG does have some very good sales going on and they’re adding more every few hours, they are most def worth a look! http://www.gog.com/

Amazon has released their summer sales and I think it is offering slightly better options then GOG, now I do say options.  You can get the Mass Effect Trilogy for $8.99 (70% Off) and Saints Row 2 (personally one of my favorite games of all time, the best Saints Row of the series) for $2.50. Black Ops 2 is $19.78 (not bad if you’re looking for a fun zombies game. Dead Island GOTY is $5, a good pick up if you havent played it and are excited for Dead Island 2.  Far Cry 4 is $35.99 (40% off) Assassins Creed Unity is $35.99 (dumb because Steam has it on sale right now mid week madness for $29.99, bad PR on Amazon’s part) Guild Wars 2 is $19.98 (50% off, not terrible but GW2 has been going on sale for $10 alot here recently, so not sure if its worth just to wait)  Amazon has some decent deals on some of the newer 2014 titles, I doubt it holds a candle to steam but as for now, not too shabby.

The moment we’ve all been waiting for.  According to IGN Russia, valve’s offical social networking platform in Russia explained that the summer sales would start on June 11th and last untill the 20th and then followed for two more days of encore sales, having the best offers made available again. Source: http://uk.ign.com/articles/2015/05/29/steam-summer-sale-2015-dates-leak

What this means is that places like GOG and Amazon have kind of jumped the gun, they should have waiting to see the steam sales and try very hard to make it competitive.  Most of the gamers out there are too hesitant (myself included) to buy games from the other sites when the legendary Steam Summer sales could only be 5 days away.

All in all, the deals look good but I would still wait to see what the Steam Powerhouse has to offer.


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