Dirty Bomb Review

TL:DR The game is fun, a shooter with ADS, funny jokes are cracked during combat, anti nade spamming with battlefield style classes.  Its free to play, shut up and download it.

FULL BETA REVIEW (Its really not that long)

Where should I start? This is one of the best shooters I have played since my first experience with Call of Duty when I was a kid.  It has jokes that remind you have TF2, play style that reminds of you CS:GO, and classes that remind you of Battlefield, and MOBA style of character rotation. But the best thing about this free to play shooter…. Aim down sight.

With spending a decent amount of time playing CS:GO, I was not a fan of no ADS (Aim Down Sight)
I see why people like it, and I could even see how it makes things a tad more competitive, but its just not realistic… I mean come on, you don’t see that much hip fire all the time.  Dirty Bomb’s ADS is great, and the speed in which your characters are able to move around makes ADS rather challenge and up close, almost impossible.

For this one, we’ll do a simple pros and cons.

– Character Rotation Gives a great experience every week
– Case Rewards are much more frequent in game than others, and do not require cash shop keys to open
– Great server filtering system, with rooms that are locked to up to level 5 for the new players.
– Aim Down Sight, talked about this already but that’s how much I love.
– Very Unique characters providing different “abilities” giving you a wide variety of play.
– You’re able to bring 3 characters into a fight so you’re not locked to the same person the entirety of a match.

– Game will often crash if you are unable to connect to a server
– The cases that you’re able to buy can provide a significant benefit during a match giving you superior guns, the game does a decent job combatting this giving you the ability to “Trade Up” your load our cards to higher tier load outs, and the in game earned cases have slight chances of landing a high tier load out, this does take a lot longer and for someone starting out, you may get smacked around by someone with superior weapons, but all in all it’s a shooter, guns are guns and headshots still shred.
– In order to equip new load outs, you have to back out of your lobby and go back to the main menu.
– Some maps are completely one sided and makes it almost impossible for either defending or the attacking team to complete the object.
– There are some gun balancing issues.

Please understand that this is still in Beta and the game will continue to develop.  The developers seem to be very active in checking Reddit and Twitter and overall listening to the community so I am very excited to see everything they have in store for this game.  I gave it an easy 8/10 for a beta, and is right now my favorite shooter for PC, the game is free to play so you have no reason to not give it a shot!


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