Guild Wars 2 Expansion Price Anger

It would appear that the long awaited expansion ‘Heart of Thorns’ for Guild Wars 2 seems to be stirring up a bit of anger from its “Veteran” Players.

Recently, guild wars announced price points for the expansion starting at $49.99 for the base expansion which includes the base game. The players are not getting angry over the price although a $50 price point on an expansion seems a little steep for an expansion that is not raising the cap but only adding content.  But the main issue is that the expansion includes the base game, which could be a reason for its price.  So if you already own Guild Wars 2, you have to spend the $50 in order to get the expansion, and then you get a useless copy of the game. With hopes that simple upgrades would be made available, there is none.  If you want to play Heart of Thorns, current GW2 owner or not, you will have to pay at least $50.

ArenaNet released a ‘Pre-Purchase Community Address’ in hopes to soothe some of the anger.  The post came on June 22nd and explains that; “For our long-standing fans and loyal players, we would like to say thank you and show our appreciation. For all players who registered the core Guild Wars 2® game prior to January 23, 2015 and who upgrade their account by prepurchasing and registering any Guild Wars 2: Heart of Thorns edition before Guild Wars 2: Heart of Thorns‘ launch, we will add one additional character slot to your Guild Wars 2 account. The process of delivering your additional character slot will take us some time, but rest assured we will get it to you as soon as possible. We’ll provide more details about the specific timing soon.”  Really? A $10 character slot is supposed to make me feel better about having to spend at least $50 for an expansion, come on Arena you can do better then that.

The article goes on to address the players who are new to the game and loved the Heart of Thorns release update so much, they bought the game. Back in January, when “HoT” was announced, it was said that you had to have the core game in order to play the expansion, this led many to believe that they need to buy the game, and when people checked it out on the website, they found out the game was on sale (as it did many times) for either $10 or $15.  This made another huge burst when they found out the $50 expansion COMES with the game.  The following is again from the same thread addressing those players;
“For all players who purchased the Guild Wars 2 core game from our website and registered it between January 23, 2015 and June 16, 2015 in anticipation of Guild Wars 2: Heart of Thorns, we will automatically refund what you paid for the core game should you decide to pre-purchase Guild Wars 2: Heart of Thorns from our website or in-game store any time through July 31, 2015. If you take advantage of this refund and pre-purchase Guild Wars 2: Heart of Thorns, all of your current account progress will be kept intact. We’ll provide further details on when refunds will be processed in the next couple weeks as we set up this process.

If you purchased the core Guild Wars 2 game from our website and registered it between January 23, 2015 and June 16, 2015, and you no longer want to play Guild Wars 2, we will refund your core game purchase price and close your account provided you make the request by July 31, 2015. Please contact our Customer Support team to make this request.

If you purchased the core game from a third party, we are unable to provide a refund. However, if you registered the core game between January 23, 2015 and June 16, 2015 and upgrade it by prepurchasing any Guild Wars 2: Heart of Thorns edition before Guild Wars 2: Heart of Thorns‘ launch, we will add one additional character slot to your Guild Wars 2 account. The process of delivering your additional character slot will be the same as described above. If you would like a refund, you will need to contact that third party, as refunds are dependent on their policies and rules.” I skipped about 3 paragraphs from the post and if you would like to see them all you can check out

Okay so, lets get this… if you already own the game prior to January of 2015, you get a $10 character expansion slot.  But if you bought the game between January 23rd, 2015 and June 16th, 2015 you will get a refunded copy of the core game which was either $10 to $15.  So, that would mean that Heart of Thrones is a $40 expansion that gives you a copy of guild wars 2, hopefully one that can be given away to a friend but still, it would be a never ending cycle.  There NEEDS to be the ability to just upgrade to Heart of Thorns for a discounted price, or else there may be a lot of free copies of the game floating around.


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