H1Z1 Review


TL:DR : H1Z1 is great, with grouping systems, smooth motion controls, controller support, the feel of a real world apocalypse without metric fuck tons of military grade vehicles and weapons.  Great sever filters that offer a variety of ways to play the game, even play as a zombie! It takes the cake as the best zombie survival out there and is easily worth every penny.

(overview, not the actual game review)

Some would say that the era of zombies is starting to be dead, that all the movies and video games just aren’t wanted anymore.  I may have to agree, but there are still things out there that will grab our attention. When it comes to zombie games, there are three really big types to look at here.  You have your post-apocalyptic story driven survival type where you’re basically playing a RPG (Dead Island or State of Decay), you have your plotless full open world survival where the goal is to survive (DayZ or H1Z1) and then you have your wave after wave killing zombie hoards (Most popular being Zombies for the Call of Duty series).  But what genre stands out the most? I would say that in almost no doubt the most popular zombies game on console is the zombies for call of duty, Left for dead was great yes but it does not have the base as CoD Zombies, now is this because of it’s a call of duty title or is the zombies game really just that fun?  If you look at the zombie killing games, a lot of them are having a hard time remaining, I mean really you can only play a plotless survival game for so long that it starts becoming very boring.  I remember all too well my group had basically beaten the DayZ Mod for Arma II, helicopters, multiple cargo trucks filled with food, medical supplies, ammo.  Tents full of all of the above and over 5+ of each weapon offered in the game, what were we to do?  One of the real issues is that when you look at these games, DayZ and H1Z1, the zombies just aren’t hard enough.  They are basically wave 1~5 type of zombies for a CoD title but the issue is your character can be geared and ready or wave 20 zombies, and you still have wave 5, so once you become a success at these games, the zombie portion kind of loses its effect.  Im not sure what can be done about this issue but I feel if its not addressed then we will start to see more of these games either fail, or lose player base each day.


I have a little over 25 hours on H1Z1, and to me, that’s not a lot of game time. The main reason for my lack of game time, and something you should all know were the constant server wipes and resets that were on going, this is starting to slow way down now, and I may start diving back into the game.

As a title in the zombie survival genre, its wonderful.  Stunning graphics for a game of its type, incredible crafting methods, map is relatively small which makes meeting up with your friends an ease but not small enough to give you the sense of clutter.

The devs for this game are great, they’re active on Reddit, Steam and Twitter and are constantly updating and patching the game, a lot of the issues from first few week launch have been fixed.

The server filtering system is great, and the servers are restricted to the type of play.  Some are headshots only, some you lose recipe knowledge when you die, some restrict you to only play in first person, but my favorite… are the PvE (player vs environment) only options.  This allows you to play the game without some douche lord murdering you without reason.

There aren’t many guns, which I kind of like.  Unlike DayZ which is all military grade ARs, H1Z1 has a few pistols, shot guns, hunting rifles and an AR.  You also get a crazy noise production with any of these weapons making the Bow the best weapon in the game for around towns and killing zombies.

Base building with locking mechanisms and base designs, it offers players a great customization.

Being able to group up with your friends and have their names stand out in your hud, making It a little easier to stay together.

An issue earlier was it was very hard to meet up with your friends or even keep place of where you were at due to the lack of a map you can carry, and the maps available were in segments near gas stations and rest stops.  This was fixed with a map of the game that you start out with, now this map does not track your movements, instead it gives you a grid coordinate feature that is very simple to pinpoint where you, or your friends are.

H1Z1 has its flaws of course, but as a game still developing and not even in its final stage, its great. Easily the best zombie survival game out there.  With great controller support, much more smooth gameplay then DayZ, and graphically a stunner, H1Z1 takes the cake of the best zombie survival right now.


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