Minecon 2015, cool stuff coming for Minecraft!

With Minecon 2015 coming to an end, Mojang has announced their new plans for Minecraft, starting with the “Minecraft Windows 10 Edition”

This edition of minecraft will be based off the pocket edition, and will be available via the windows 10 store for $10.00 , unless you’re currently an owner of the PC version already, in which the game will be free.

Mojang has informed that this will be a beta and will continue to develop during its time;
“Just like the first release of Minecraft all those years ago, this version will develop and evolve over time with the help of your feedback … Just like the other versions of Minecraft, all future updates will be free”

The highlighted features are:

§  Craft, create, and explore online with up to seven friends playing Windows 10 Edition Beta, through local multiplayer or with your Xbox Live friends online.

§  Play online and local multiplayer with other Pocket Edition players thanks to a free update, due to arrive soon after launch.

§  Multiple control schemes! Switch between controller, touch, and keyboard controls with little to no effort!

§  Record and share gameplay highlights with built-in GameDVR.

§  Help shape the future of Minecraft: Windows 10 Edition Beta with our built player feedback mechanisms!

§  Chickens, zombies, pigs, boats, armed skeletons, potatoes, zombies, baby squids, enchantment tables, villagers, naked sheep, iron golems, potions, ghasts, pickaxes, carrots, and all the weird and wonderful goodness you’ve come to expect from Minecraft.

The release date for the Windows 10 Edition is set to be available the day of Windows 10 releases, July 29th, 2015.

Other features for the game show off Dual Wielding of items, rather it be weapons or tools, shields, enchantable arrows and the EndCity.

Enchantable arrows are set to be highly looked at and extremely balanced, mojang said that if the arrows were too over powered then “It just would not be fun”

EndCity is a total redo of The End and instead of it being one island, it will be a large chain islands with a center city.  It is set to be as big as the current Nether, introducing new creatures and hard to reach places.

One of the biggest news thus has been from TellTale Games with the announcement of a Minecraft: Story Mode.  Like most TellTale games, the player will be presented with various decisions in the game that will have an effect on how the story plays out.  Telltale has been working with Mojang to ensure the content of the game vits within the minecraft universe.  The game is set to be released in 5 parts, this first part coming out this year.

One of the biggest issues wit Minecraft right now however… is it still fun?  As a player of Minecraft for many years on the PC and Console version, there is not much if anything that Vinalla Minecraft has left to offer me, and I speak the same for the majorty of the owners out there. Most of the PC version of the game have resulted into mods for the game, the most popular being Tekkit.  And the big question comes to as, even with all these big updates, do people still want to spend the time mining up diamonds?

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