The Secret World Review

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Okay, so this is something that really hits home for me, TSW is one of the best MMOs ive played story wise.  The end game content isnt super awesome as its short lived, but the story up to that point makes it a buy able game.

TL;DR – The game is great graphically, one of the better ones out there for an older MMO, no class system gives you total control over your character.  All gear is cosmetic so you can look like a bamf with a suit, or a straight gangster. Bad end game that gets repetitive fast, you have the ability to get carried by gear capped people in a day making the game boring for you and a very slow pace, world pvp with almost no communication. I still give the game 9/10 for its story content and graphics.



– its a gorgeous game, the detail in the skills and how they are almost all unique and not copy and pasted with different colors.  The world around you ranges from dark and mysterious to bright and kinda pretty.

Class System

– Now, this is probably my favorite thing about the game, the class system.  Its my favorite because there isnt a class system, each player is able to the same skills as the next, as the skills from the weapons you chose. The game gives you six weapons to chose from, you may use two.  You get another “auxiliary” weapon towards end game to fit your role style.  You may chose between a shotgun, dual pistols, assault rifle, sword, hammer, fist weapons, chaos magic, elementalism, and blood magic.  Auxiliary includes whip, chainsaw, rocket launcher, flame thrower and quantum magic.  The weapons you select will depict the roles that are available to you.


– One of the coolest things in the game is that the gear, what adds your stats, are invisible on your character.  Gear is called talismans, and you can have 7 of them to add various stats.  Stats, are one of the most important things in the game, more so then others.  Because the gear you wear, will determine your role.  As there is no true levels in the game (Level 1, level 2 ect) you have no base character stats that develop over the time you play. So a good dps gear, adds 0 hp, your health will be the same throughout the game (minus a 10hp boost you get from talisman skill points, but who cars about 10) Whereas tank gear adds shit for dmg, but massive HP… duh.


– One of the greatest stories of an MMO.  This game is about myths, so the monsters you fight are werewolves, vampires, the boogie man, zombies, The Dark Lord Cthulhu, all kinds of goodies.  The quest in the game will be as easy and kill 10 things, to as hard as go to , look for a book, find that books authors name, and use that name as his password into his computer.  No joke, thats a thing.


End Game

– Or should I say a lack there of.  The end game is more repetitive, more so then WoW.  Since there is no true levels in the game, you can get dungeon carried by high gear score people and reach Q10 (almost the most you can get) in a day, which makes for a very fast and non challenging.


– The PvP is very underpopulated and very large maps, domination style. I wanted to get into the pvp, but I never could, just too boring.

Thats about it, minus the slow pace pvp and lack of a solid end game, the game is wonderful.  A super under the radar MMO but still wonderful.  With beautiful graphics, awesome “class system” its def worth the buy.  After they removed the sub req and put it up on Steam, more and more people are playing it.  The game is $29.99 and its worth just playing by yourself and experiencing the story.


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